Important information before starting your claim

We aim to make claiming online quick and easy for you.
Please read this information carefully before getting started to ensure you know what to expect.

First get your supporting documents ready

We need quite a bit of information to investigate your claim. You'll find it easier to submit your claim if you gather these items first as you'll be asked to upload them when you submit your claim.

It is important you send us everything we ask for; we cannot progress your application until we receive this information and it is very difficult for us to obtain firms records on your behalf.

We need :

Two forms of identification

Products & Advice documents

Your bank account details

If you need to ask your lender or provider for documents, you may find it helpful to use our letter templates, opens in a new window .

We accept scans for most documents.

Then submit your claim

Steps to make a claim

Check if you can claim

First you'll enter some basic details of your claim and we'll tell you straight away if you are eligible to claim.

Create your online account

With your online account you'll be able to submit your claim and check on its progress.

Complete your application

Finally you'll answer questions about why you're claiming, upload your supporting documentation and sign your claim electronically before submitting it.

It should take you 1 to 2 hours to complete your application online.
You can save your progress and return to your claim at any point.